Answers to all the important questions about buying your 2022/23 Milton Keynes Lightning Season Ticket

This is our MKL Season Ticket Frequently Asked Questions page which gives you answers to all the most important questions about buying your 2022/23 Season Ticket.  It is based on the frequently asked questions we receive by email and on social media, and gives a one stop shop for all the top info.  If new questions are raised, we’ll aim to add them to this page and keep it up to date.

For pricing and purchase information, please head over to this page.

How do I let you know that I had a Season Ticket last year?

If you held a season ticket last year, please ensure you tick the “Previous Ticket Holder 2021/22” box when completing the booking form.  Please add your block, row and seat number or Zeus standing space.

How do I let you know where I’d like to sit or stand?

Please indicate where you would like to sit (e.g. Block 5 Row C Seat 12) or your preferred standing space (e.g. locker room corner or a Zeus standing space number if you know it).

Please do not pick a seat / space in the middle of 3 as a new season ticket holder,  as you will be asked to move to ensure no single seats are left.

Which parts of the rink are the busiest or have space?

For standing places, the home attacking end of the rink (and in particular the Papa John’s corner) is usually very busy.  If all previous Season Ticket holders renew, this will be the case this season too.  Seat and Standing place availability is shown on the Season Ticket page.

The rink is very busy so we will need to allocate seating to maximise capacity, and may need to move seats slightly at time of allocation to ensure no single seats or spaces are left.

When will I know if I have secured my preferred seat or standing place?

We will not know until the Earlybird / Renewal Deadline has passed as to what seats are available this year, so there may be a wait until we can confirm this.  If your chosen seat is already taken, we will advise a suitable alternative that is available and confirm this choice with you if you agree.

What do I do if I want to move space/ apply for a space already reserved?

Buy your ticket in the normal way.  Add in the Zeus standing/ comments box that you ideally want XXX seats/ space, but if that does not become available, you’d like XXX space.  You will be initially allocated the ones that are free, then on the 18th May, we can move people depending on who has/ has not renewed for the new season.

When do ‘Earlybird’ prices run until?

Earlybird Prices are available for all applications made before the end of the day on the 31st May 2022.

How many games does a Season Ticket cover?

Season Tickets will cover 28 games, the exact composition of games to be confirmed when agreed by the League Management Committee.

Do Season Tickets have booking fees?

No,  we have no booking fees, meaning a Season Ticket is even better value.  Booking online or over the phone with Planet Ice will carry a 12.5% booking fee for Planet Ice (no booking fees for in person purchases).   As our Season Tickets do not have these charges, your Season Ticket works out even better value for money, see the example below:

Adult ticket £16 in person, £18 online or on the phone, Earlybird Price equivalent to £12.50 or £13.57 Standard Pricing.

Can I pay by Direct Debit?

There is a Direct Debit option.  The Direct Debit option will attract a £10 administration fee on the Early Bird prices.  The Direct Debit payment plan will be administered through GoCardless.  You will be required to apply via our ticketing website that will then send you an email with how to sign up with GoCardless.

The payments are split into up to 6 instalments (depending on when you sign up for the scheme).  The number of instalments you can pay over reduces the later you buy your ticket.  The initial payment is taken on the MK Lightning ticketing site and includes the £10 set up charge.  Payments will be taken on (or around) the 15th of the month.

How do I pay in full at the time of purchase?

The full amount of the ticket is taken by credit/ debit card at the time of purchase directly by the booking site.

Will a previous Season Ticket Seat/ Space be held for me?

Yes, until the 17th May.  Then it will be released for general sale.

When will I get my Season Ticket?

Our plan is to have these ready the beginning of September (current climate permitting), and we will contact you by email to let you know when they are ready and how to collect them.  Please sign up to the Season Ticket Mailing List.

If I buy a Concession ticket how will you check my ID?

For all categories other than adult season tickets we require you to provide a photocopy or scanned photo ID and proof of disability (if applicable). Your confirmation email will tell you how to submit your photo ID. Recognised photo ID is: Driver’s licence, passport or other form of ID showing your date of birth. Students will be required to show a valid TOTUM or NUS Extra card

Will Concession tickets apply to NHS staff?

We are incredibly grateful to all frontline workers who have gone above and beyond during the Covid-19 crisis.  You will have seen that we have run a number of fundraising activities for the Milton Keynes Hospital Charity including a raffle and a special range of merchandise.  We have chosen to support the NHS through these activities so Concessions will not include NHS staff.

Can you let someone borrow your ticket ? For example I’m unable to attend a game can my friend use my ticket?

Yes – as long as they are in the same ticket category.  Season tickets are transferable in that they can be used by someone else of the same category (Adult, Concession or child) which will be checked on entry.

My child is a registered member of MK Storm.  How do I get discounted entry for them?

Please email us at prior to purchasing and we will give you a discount code which is to be applied at time of booking. The Storm discount is only applicable to a full priced Child Ticket.

What happens when Earlybird pricing runs out?

Standard pricing will apply to all tickets.

Can I pay cash?

Currently we are unable to take cash payments.  Please pay using a credit/ debit card or via the Direct Debit scheme.  If cash is the only way you can purchase your ticket please email us as

What if I am a Carer or Personal Assistant?

People in receipt of medium or higher level care allowance under Disability Living Allowance or higher level Living Allowance under the PIP will be entitled to a free personal assistant.  The person claiming this free ticket must pay for their entry ticket. All others are entitled to one additional ticket at the concessionary rate. We will need to see evidence of the benefit entitlement at the time the ticket is purchased and collected as we would for any other concessionary rate.  Careers/ Personal Assistants are expected to stand behind the person they are the career for.  Personal Assistant tickets are only available when accompanying a full priced Ticket.  Personal Assistant tickets are allocated against a full priced standing or seated ticket and are only valid when attending with that ticket holder.

If you would like to take advantage of the free personal assistant ticket, please contact us directly at

Space on the Raised Standing Viewing Section?

Due to limited space on the raised viewing standing area by block 12, this is will be prioritised for people who are mobility impaired, and their careers who will stand behind them.

What happens if Planet Ice MK is not available for MK home games at the start of the Season and Lightning has to play ‘home games’ at another venue?

If this occurs, we will communicate with you about your options and what arrangements can be made.  Please make sure when prompted in the purchase process that you sign up to the Season Ticket mailing list.

How many games will there be? 

Season Tickets will cover 28 games, exact make up of League and Cup to be determined when the fixtures are released in around August 2022.

Covid – 19

How many people will be allowed into the rink. How will you manage social distancing if that’s in place and people wanting to renew in their seats?

We are planning for there to be no restriction on the number of people allowed in the rink or social distancing to be in place when the season starts. Should social distancing restrictions be in place, we would work with Planet Ice to investigate the practicalities of implementing these restrictions within the rink in the least intrusive way possible. Should it be likely that restrictions on the number of attendees be in place for the scheduled start of the season, we will work with other teams across the league to explore the feasibility of commencing the season with the restrictions in place. Should the season not start due to these restrictions, then we would refund season tickets straight away. If the season had already started and new restrictions were imposed, then see the questions below.

If social distancing measures are in place, then we may not be able to guarantee you your chosen ST location, however we will obviously do our best to ensure ST holders are prioritised and accommodated as much as possible.

Is the Season even guaranteed to go ahead? What happens if the start of the Season is delayed due to Covid-19?  What happens if there is a reduced number of teams/rinks in the league which affects the number of games per season?

All clubs in our League have committed to compete if the League competition runs.  Should it be required, we will work with other teams to determine the options to allow any changes to the league dates should there be any government restrictions in place .  If the number of games reduces we will consult with Season Ticket holders as to what they would like to do, including the option of a pro-rata refund.

If the season is shortened or cancelled will you be refunding season ticket holders straight away?  What happens if the season is paused or stopped due to Covid-19 having already started?

In the event of a firm cancellation or shortening of the Season, then yes we would refund on a pro-rata basis (i.e. for the games not yet played) as soon as possible.  We are budgeting so that as far as is practicably possible we maintain cash reserves to cover this situation.

In the event that the Season is ‘paused’, i.e. it is stopped with a view to continuing after a break of e.g. 2 months, we would consult with Season Ticket holders at that point around the scenarios which might occur and options available.

Will flexi-tickets make a return?

There are currently no plans for flexi-tickets to return.

Why aren’t Earlybird and Last Season Renewal Dates the same?

Where a Season Ticket holder from last season does not renew, it allows a new applicant to take the seat, once it has been released, at Earlybird prices.

I’m going to buy an Adult Season Ticket for myself. But what happens when I’d like to take my little boy or a friend. Where do we sit then?

If the additional person is joining you for a single match, they will need to buy a single match ticket.  If the seat next to you is not a Season Ticket holder’s seat, they can reserve that seat on a per match basis as they buy their ticket.  Seats are reserved on a first come first served basis, and matches are normally put on sale 3 weeks in advance.

Where can I find the latest information from the NIHL League?

Please head over to the NIHL National website at

What happens if I lose my Season Ticket card?

Please email us at to organise a replacement.  Replacement tickets are subject to a £25 administration fee per card replaced.

What happens if I wish to change my seat or standing place for my Season Ticket?

Please email us at and we’ll see if we can help.  Ticket moves are subject to a £25 administration fee per ticket.