Exciting Forward Zaine McKenzie signs with AIB Milton Keynes Lightning

We’re thrilled to bring a brand new face to your AIB Milton Keynes Lightning with the arrival of competitive forward Zaine McKenzie who joins us after a year in the Ontario Hockey Academy in the 2019/20 season where he picked up 17 points in 43 games.  This is Zaine’s first senior hockey contract.

Kenilworth born Zaine will turn 18 just before the season begins, and has spent time with the Solihull, Nottingham and Coventry junior programmes before heading out for his season in Canada and has made appearances at Midlands conference level.

Head Coach Lewis Clifford picks up the story: “Zaine contacted me a while ago saying he was thinking about coming back to play in the UK, I remember seeing him play at a conference tournament a few years back but I had to do some research. All of the references I got for Zaine were very positive and coupled with the videos I’ve watched of his time in Canada I can see the potential there for him to be an impactful player.”

He went on to say “Zaine has high aspirations and targets and knows to achieve them is going to take a lot of hard work, luckily for him he’s got an outstanding attitude for a player of his age and I have no doubt that will push him towards his goals whilst playing here in MK.”

Zaine is hugely excited to beginning his senior hockey career in front of the amazing MKL fans, and said: “I can’t wait to become part of the MK family, and start my senior career in a place I believe I can do a great job for the club and will help me develop as a player. From what I’ve heard, it’s a brilliant organisation with brilliant fans.”

I feel honoured to be offered this opportunity by Lewis and am prepared to work very hard to better myself as a player and a person throughout the season. I have a love and passion for this sport and want to show this at MK.”

Cliff added: “I’m looking forward to be working with Zaine and helping him grow as a player but also to make an impact on the ice.  He’s very committed and will give his all at every training session and every match, and I’m excited to see what he can offer.”

Zaine finished by saying “I’m looking forward to getting started with the new team and am excited for what my first senior season can bring!”

Zaine will wear the number 28 jersey for which the Own and Loan is now available.  Please email dave@b2promodesign.com.

We have two other ways you can support Zaine and the club too!  You can become Zaine’s sponsor with your name or company name read out every time he is mentioned.  Get the details here.

Or why not sponsor Zaine on the kit grid, with options starting at just £10.