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Leg Tape £10 | Mouth Guard £10 | Water Bottle £10 Your name listed on Kit Grid on MKL Website

Leg Pads £25 | Gloves £25 All the above plus a Certificate

Shorts £50 All of the above plus a team photo

Helmet £75 | Sticks £75 All of the above plus a signed photo of the player

Skates £100 All of the above plus one place on Bench With The Lightning

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#PlayerLeg Tape (£10)Mouth Guard (£10)Water Bottle (£10)Leg Pads (£25)Gloves (£25)Shorts (£50)Helmet (£75)Sticks (£75)Skates (£100)
5Ed Knaggs
11Callum Field
19Leigh Jamieson
28Zaine McKenzie
29Brandon Stones