“Kovy is a massively popular player in the room, a team first guy who isn’t out for personal stats or accolades.  He just wants to win.”  These are the words of Milton Keynes Lightning Head Coach Lewis Clifford speaking about the return of fan favourite Robin Kovar to the squad for the 2020/21 season.


Robin joined Lightning midway through last season from Bracknell, and had an immediate positive impact picking up 4 assists in his first game, on his way to 14 goals and 36 points in just 18 games.  His effect on the team was instant and long lasting, as Cliff explains: “Of all the changes we made last season, the biggest turning point in our fortunes for me was when we signed Kovy, who is a guy driven by success every day of his life both on and off the ice.”


It would have been an even great impact had Kovy’s season not been cruelly cut short when he sustained a broken leg in a collision with the boards.  His response was a quite remarkable recovery with Kovy returning to skating just a few weeks later thanks to his motivation and fitness.  Cliff follow up: “Following his injury last year I have never seen someone so driven to return to action as quickly as possible and I believe we would have seen him make an appearance in the playoffs had they happened.  However the extra rest will certainly mean he comes back in fantastic shape for next season.”


36 year old Robin has had an excellent career which to-date includes experience in the UK, North American, Kazakhstan and a number of European Leagues including his native Czech Republic.  Despite his long career, just one look at Robin shows that he is an athlete at the very peak of physical condition, and takes great care of himself through training and nutrition.  Cliff thinks this stands him in great stead for the future: “It’s easy for people to look at a players age and assume they are in the back end of their career, but when that player is in such good shape it really makes very little difference and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kovy still playing many years from now.”


On his arrival, Kovy immediately took to the MK area, the club and its fans and has been raring to return to action with us.  He told us how it feels to be re-signing: “I am pleased to be part of Milton Keynes Lighting organisation for season 20/21.  Since my first game in MK colours, I felt like this team is very special group of people with big dreams and goals. It’s great to be part of such of great organisation again.”


He continued with a very simple message about his role for the season saying: “I will do my best to help the team achieve the highest goals and continue to build the very best ice hockey club in the UK.”


We are absolutely thrilled to have Kovy back in our team.  A great player, a great guy and fun to have around the club.  It’s no surprise that there have been a number of calls for his return and we’re only to pleased that he will be back with us next year.


Robin finished by saying: “Everyone have a great summer and see you soon!”  We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.  Welcome back Kovy!


Robin Kovar will wear the number 30 jersey which is now available for Own and Loan.

Please give a warm welcome to Robin Kovar

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