What a first night that was.  Full match report to follow, but we thought we’d share some things with you this morning.  On the ice, it was a close, physical game which went Sheffield’s way after a couple of turnovers.  Our boys matched them for skill and fitness, which is real credit to the group Cliff has pulled together.  The return match tonight will give us another test in our pre-season as we get ready for the league.

On the ice, our first goal went to Caly Robertson with some superb skill deking through the defence.  This was a great way to kick things off and a real sign of the brit talent in the team.  We’re sure there is plenty more of that to come!

You the fans were incredible!  An official attendance of 2154 was as high as I can remember for a long time, and it was a real show of support for the new look team on the ice.  We worked hard to make the off-ice experience as good as we can.  We’re aware that there were some teething issues on ticketing, some of the plexi-positions and the quality of the public address system.  We’ll look to address these as soon as we can so please bear with us as we get them ironed out.  Please drop us an email at info@mk-lightning.co.uk with any feedback you have.

So what happens next?  The team heads off to Sheffield today for the return fixture, with a 16:30 faceoff where they’ll be looking to overturn last nights result.  Tonight also sees the start of the ice replacement process with new ice logos and painting taking place over the next few days prior to the next match on Saturday.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you next Saturday.  It’s a Season Ticket match and tickets are now available online.  Get your tickets here.