You have undoubtedly been following the devastating news of the situation that has unfolded in Ukraine over the last week. It is deeply worrying and distressing to see war breaking out between Russia and the Ukraine, with the senseless Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine. We are horrified and saddened by the stories we hear from the news. This tragic episode in human history has huge implications for us all, and the full repercussions of which are yet to be fully understood.

We are proud of the widespread support from MKL fans and from our players, staff and community looking to identify how we might be able to help and act in aid of those that need it most.  

Our Stance

Milton Keynes Lightning does not tolerate or support the invasion of Ukraine by Putin and the Russian Government. As an MK Ice Hockey Club Board we have agreed that we will not collaborate or work with any parties or companies backed by or connected to the Russian State. 

Our Fundraising Support

We have been working closely with the MKL Supporters Club committee to see how we can help.  Beginning today, we are launching three fundraising and support activities for which we’d like to ask for your support as MKL fans:

  1. On Saturday this week we will wear a one off Ukrainian design jersey.  10 of these will be raffled online over the course of this week, with the raffle drawn at 3pm on Saturday.  10 will be raffled at the game on Saturday in Shirt Off His Back, and one will be available to win via Ollie’s Grid.  Link to online Raffle
  2. There will be MKL Ukranian flags and limited edition pucks available for purchase at the game.
  3. We ask if you can donate anything to support the Ukraine BAMK group with items on this list.  You can either buy and bring to the rink and we will pass them on, or you can buy and have them delivered directly.  As a club we will be bringing some of these items ourselves to pass on.

As a club we will cover all the production costs of jerseys and merchandise, and will pass on 100% of the proceeds of these three fundraising streams to the DEC Ukraine appeal.

Whatever you feel you can do to support these fundraising streams is hugely appreciated.  From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for your support, and hope for a swift and peaceful end to this dreadful time.

Thank you MKL fans