It’s been clear to everyone that Smith Recycling Milton Keynes Lightning has been playing with a short bench recently, with a set of players missing through injury. Their recovery is going well, but we want to avoid as much as possible playing with a lower number of players as this increases the likelihood of injuries to those players through additional workload. We’re therefore delighted that Tom Carlon will be joining us for some short term injury cover.

Head Coach Lewis Clifford had this to say: “With the short bench we have been running over the past few weekends, it is important to us that we bring in some cover to help take some of the workload from the remaining players. TC is a guy who is willing to help and to play for a few weeks rather than sitting in the stands or at home whilst he sees us struggle for numbers, he will come in a little rusty, but a week of practice will soon have that blown away. TC is a hugely experienced player who will most certainly do a job for us a for a few weeks and I am delighted that he’s agreed to help us out for a few weeks whilst some of our injured players continue to recover.”

TC added: “I’m happy and excited to come back and hopefully help out in some way. I’ve been out of the game for a little while but I follow it closely and I do miss it sometimes so when Cliff asked if I’d be willing to come and help for a short term I was pleased to say yes. If nothing else, at least I can be another body that can hopefully ease the workload on the rest of the players.”

Telford born Tom is has 5 MK hockey seasons under his belt with both Lightning and Thunder. He has Elite League experience with Coventry and Belfast and is a GB U18 and U20 cap.

He will wear the number 23 shirt. Tom’s shirt will be offered as part of a raffle once his time with us is over.