MK Lightning Pride Night

The Milton Keynes Lightning (MKL) Ice Hockey Team hosted a Pride Night on 27 January 2024, to support inclusion and diversity and in particular raise awareness of Pride and the LGBTQ+ community. This event aimed to create a welcoming atmosphere for individuals regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Attendees included drag performer Sandy Flaps, Q:Alliance, a local LGBTQ+ advocacy group, and Rocky Clark MBE, the 2014 England Rugby World Cup winner.

Q: Allianace and Sandy Flaps at MK Lightning
Sandy Flaps at MKL
Rocky Clark MK Lightning

The night went beyond a typical sports event, emphasising inclusivity. MKL players wore Pride-themed jerseys in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. Fans showed their support through the wearing of special Pride-themed MKL merchandise which was developed by the MKL Supporters Club.

The event’s atmosphere was lively, with Sandy Flaps performing during the break. The gathering showcased unity among fans in their support for diversity and inclusivity in Ice hockey, particularly in Milton Keynes.

Pride night at MKL 2024

MKL has made a donation to ‘Hockey is Diversity‘ to foster inclusivity in ice hockey. This donation will help ‘Hockey is Diversity‘ provide services to UK ice hockey clubs, aiming to make the sport more inclusive and accessible.

A representative of MKL expressed gratitude for the community’s support, stating, ‘Pride Night symbolised our dedication to fostering an inclusive environment in ice hockey. We are proud to have raised awareness for the LGBTQ+ community, collaborated with Q:Alliance, welcomed Rocky Clark MBE, contributed to supporting ‘Hockey is Diversity’ and supported England Ice Hockey in their league-wide Pride awareness campaign. All of these are helpful steps toward a more inclusive UK ice hockey scene.’

This event is part of MKL’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in ice hockey and sports in general. MKL thanks Sandy Flaps, Q:Alliance, Rocky Clark MBE, and all supporters for making this event impactful and memorable.