In a thrilling contest at the Milton Keynes Arena on March 30, 2024, the Milton Keynes Lightning clinched a victory over the visiting Sheffield Steeldogs with a final score of 8-5. The game was a dynamic display of skill, strategy, and perseverance from both teams, with the Lightning securing their win through a combination of offensive prowess and defensive resilience.

First Period

The Lightning set the pace early in the game, with Carter Hamill opening the scoring at the 9:00 mark, followed by Mack Stewart’s goal less than a minute later. The Steeldogs responded with a goal from Jason Hewitt, but Toms Rutkis extended the Lightning’s lead before the period concluded. The score at the end of the first period stood at 3-1 in favor of Milton Keynes.

Second Period

The second period saw an explosion of goals from both sides. The Steeldogs’ Brady Doxey and Matt Bissonnette quickly closed the gap, but Dillon Lawrence, Harry Gulliver, Rory Herrman, and Ross Venus responded with goals for the Lightning. Tate Shudra also scored for the Steeldogs, making the score 7-4 in favor of Milton Keynes by the period’s end.

Third Period

The final period saw both teams add to their tallies, with Herrman scoring his second of the night for the Lightning and Vladislavs Vulkanovs responding for the Steeldogs. The game concluded with the Milton Keynes Lightning leading 8-5.

Throughout the game, both teams exhibited intense competitiveness, as evidenced by the penalties incurred on both sides for various infractions, including roughing, slashing, tripping, interference, elbowing, high sticks, misconduct, and goaltender interference.

Goal Scorers Table

Team Scorer Assist 1 Assist 2 Type Time
MKL Carter Hamill Archie Salisbury Even Strength 9:00
MKL Mack Stewart Liam Stewart Edward Knaggs Even Strength 9:53
Visitor Jason Hewitt Jack Brammer Michael Danecko Even Strength 15:05
MKL Toms Rutkis Mack Stewart Even Strength 18:03
Visitor Brady Doxey Vladislavs Vulkanovs Even Strength 20:37
Visitor Matt Bissonnette Jason Hewitt Even Strength 21:24
MKL Dillon Lawrence Ross Venus Rory Herrman Even Strength 28:48
Visitor Tate Shudra Vladislavs Vulkanovs Brady Doxey Even Strength 29:02
MKL Harry Gulliver Corey McEwen Carter Hamill Even Strength 33:48
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Green Powerplay 35:42
MKL Ross Venus Rory Herrman Ross Green Short Handed 38:47
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Venus Even Strength 48:16
Visitor Vladislavs Vulkanovs Samuel Cooper Jonathan Kirk Even Strength 50:16

Penalties Table

Team Player Penalty Mins Time
Visitor Lee Haywood ROUGH 2 17:05
MKL Rio Grinell-Parke SLASH 2 17:05
Visitor Brady Doxey TRIP 2 18:19
Visitor Lee Haywood INTERFENCE 2 34:31
MKL Toms Rutkis ELBOW 2 36:48
Visitor Jonathan Kirk HIGH STICKS 2 42:13
MKL Harry Gulliver TRIP 2 42:39
Visitor Matt Bissonnette HIGH STICKS 2 53:14
Visitor Jack Brammer MISCONDUCT 2 53:14
Visitor Dmitri Zimozdra INTERFENCE 2 56:46

Shots on Goal Information

Goaltender Name Total Shots Faced Save Percentage
William Kerlin 27 81.48%
Daniel Crowe 69 88.41%

Scorer Summary

Milton Keynes Lightning

  • Carter Hamill: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Mack Stewart: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Toms Rutkis: 1 Goal
  • Dillon Lawrence: 1 Goal
  • Harry Gulliver: 1 Goal
  • Rory Herrman: 2 Goals, 2 Assists
  • Ross Venus: 1 Goal, 2 Assists

Sheffield Steeldogs

  • Jason Hewitt: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Brady Doxey: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Matt Bissonnette: 1 Goal
  • Tate Shudra: 1 Goal
  • Vladislavs Vulkanovs: 1 Goal, 2 Assists

This game was a testament to the skill and determination of both teams, with the Lightning managing to secure a hard-fought victory over the Steeldogs. The dynamic play, strategic execution, and moments of brilliance from both sides made for an unforgettable match at the Milton Keynes Arena.