In a thrilling National Cup Semi-Final second leg at Milton Keynes Arena, the Milton Keynes Lightning emerged victorious over the Swindon Wildcats, clinching a narrow 5-3 win in overtime. This victory secured their place in the Final against Hull with an aggregate score of 7-6.

First Period

The game kicked off energetically, with Milton Keynes Lightning taking the lead early on. Rory Herrman, assisted by Ross Venus and Liam Stewart, netted a powerplay goal at 9:12. Toms Rutkis extended the lead with an even-strength goal at 13:35, thanks to an assist from Ross Green. Swindon Wildcats responded with a goal from Sam Bullas, assisted by Russell Cowley, at 17:28. Milton Keynes Lightning’s Liam Stewart, with an assist from Lewis Christie, scored during a delayed penalty at 19:43, concluding the period at 3-1 in favor of the home team.

Second Period

The Wildcats narrowed the gap early in the second period with a goal from Sam Bullas, his second of the night, assisted by Samuel Godfrey and Glenn Billing, at 30:29. However, Toms Rutkis found the net again for Milton Keynes at 34:38, maintaining their lead. The period ended 4-2 in favor of Milton Keynes Lightning.

Third Period

Swindon Wildcats fought back in the third period, with Glenn Billing scoring a powerplay goal at 47:27, assisted by Stephen Whitfield. Despite their efforts, the period ended 4-3, pushing the game into overtime.


In the high-stakes overtime, Liam Stewart emerged as the hero for Milton Keynes Lightning, scoring the winning goal at 60:38, assisted by Dillon Lawrence and Ross Venus. This dramatic goal secured Milton Keynes Lightning’s place in the Final.

Goal Scorers

Team Scorer Assist 1 Assist 2 Type Time
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Venus Liam Stewart Powerplay 9:12
MKL Toms Rutkis Ross Green Even Strength 13:35
Visitor Sam Bullas Russell Cowley Even Strength 17:28
MKL Liam Stewart Lewis Christie Delayed Penalty 19:43
Visitor Sam Bullas Samuel Godfrey Glenn Billing Even Strength 30:29
MKL Toms Rutkis Even Strength 34:38
Visitor Glenn Billing Stephen Whitfield Powerplay 47:27
MKL Liam Stewart Dillon Lawrence Ross Venus Even Strength 60:38


Team Player Penalty Mins Time
Visitor Gaël-Mukeba Lubwele hook 2 8:46
MKL Lewis Christie slash 2 10:53
Visitor Edgars Bebris hold 2 19:43
Visitor Edgars Bebris trip 2 26:22
MKL James Griffin slash 2 31:56
Visitor Edgars Bebris intfr 2 38:46
MKL Lewis Christie slash 2 46:39
MKL James Griffin intfr 2 46:57
Visitor Edgars Bebris hook 2 49:48

Shots on Goal Information

Goaltender Name Total Shots Faced Save Percentage
Jordan Hedley 37 91.89%
Renny Marr 44 88.64%

Scorers Summary

Milton Keynes Lightning

  • Rory Herrman: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Toms Rutkis: 2 Goals
  • Liam Stewart: 2 Goals, 1 Assist
  • Ross Venus: 2 Assists
  • Ross Green: 1 Assist
  • Lewis Christie: 1 Assist
  • Dillon Lawrence: 1 Assist

Swindon Wildcats

  • Sam Bullas: 2 Goals
  • Glenn Billing: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Russell Cowley: 1 Assist
  • Samuel Godfrey: 1 Assist
  • Stephen Whitfield: 1 Assist

This semi-final second leg showcased the determination and skill of both teams, but ultimately, Milton Keynes Lightning’s ability to capitalize on crucial moments led them to victory and a spot in the Final.