At the Milton Keynes Arena on February 3, 2024, the Milton Keynes Lightning secured a commanding victory over the Solway Sharks, concluding with an 8-2 scoreline. The game, marked by strategic plays and a display of skill, provided an engaging spectacle for hockey enthusiasts.

First Period

The first period set the tone for an action-packed game, ending in a 1-1 draw. Toms Rutkis opened the scoring for Milton Keynes with a powerplay goal, assisted by Rory Herrman and Liam Stewart. The Solway Sharks responded with Nolan Gardiner finding the net, aided by Caly Robertson, also on a powerplay.

End of First Period: Milton Keynes Lightning 1, Solway Sharks 1

Second Period

Milton Keynes dominated the second period with four unanswered goals. Dillon Lawrence scored twice, with assists from Toms Rutkis, Edward Knaggs, and Rory Herrman. Rory Herrman and Toms Rutkis each added a goal, with contributions from Ben Solder, Liam Stewart, and Dillon Lawrence.

End of Second Period: Milton Keynes Lightning 5, Solway Sharks 1

Third Period

The third period saw the Lightning extend their lead. Rory Herrman scored twice, with assists from Dillon Lawrence, Ben Brown, and Ross Green. Liam Stewart also scored, with Dillon Lawrence and Rory Herrman assisting. The Sharks managed to put one in the net thanks to John Dunbar, assisted by Caly Robertson and Stuart Kerr.

End of Third Period: Milton Keynes Lightning 8, Solway Sharks 2

Game Summary

Milton Keynes Lightning showed a strong offensive performance, with notable contributions from Rory Herrman and Dillon Lawrence. The Solway Sharks, despite their efforts, were overwhelmed by the Lightning’s relentless attacks.

Goal Scorers

Team Scorer Assist 1 Assist 2 Type Time
MKL Toms Rutkis Rory Herrman Liam Stewart Powerplay 11:22
Visitor Nolan Gardiner Caly Robertson Powerplay 17:02
MKL Dillon Lawrence Toms Rutkis Edward Knaggs Even Strength 22:05
MKL Dillon Lawrence Rory Herrman Even Strength 25:52
MKL Rory Herrman Ben Solder Liam Stewart Even Strength 37:33
MKL Toms Rutkis Rory Herrman Dillon Lawrence Even Strength 39:51
MKL Rory Herrman Dillon Lawrence Ben Solder Even Strength 44:03
MKL Liam Stewart Dillon Lawrence Rory Herrman Even Strength 53:00
Visitor John Dunbar Caly Robertson Stuart Kerr Even Strength 54:50
MKL Rory Herrman Ben Brown Ross Green Even Strength 55:31


Team Player Penalty Mins Time
Visitor Lewis Young TRIP 2 9:51
MKL James Griffin BOARD 2 13:25
MKL Liam Stewart TRIP 2 15:20
Visitor TRIP 2 23:28
Visitor John Dunbar ROUGH 2 28:32
MKL James Griffin X CHK 2 30:16
MKL James Griffin UNSPORT 2 30:16
Visitor Kell Beattie HOLD 2 32:39
MKL James Griffin HI STX 2 44:17
MKL Corey McEwen TRIP 2 56:20
Visitor Ross Murray HOLD 2 59:37

Goaltender Summary

Goaltender Total Shots Faced Save Percentage
William Kerlin 32 93.75%
Curtis Warburton 42 80.95%

Player Summary

Milton Keynes Lightning

  • Rory Herrman: 3 Goals, 4 Assists
  • Dillon Lawrence: 3 Goals, 3 Assists
  • Toms Rutkis: 2 Goals, 2 Assists
  • Liam Stewart: 1 Goal, 3 Assists
  • Ben Solder: 0 Goals, 3 Assists

Solway Sharks

  • Nolan Gardiner: 1 Goal
  • John Dunbar: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Caly Robertson: 0 Goals, 2 Assists

This comprehensive win for the Milton Keynes Lightning at home showcased their prowess, both offensively and defensively, leaving the Solway Sharks to reflect on their strategy for future encounters.