Milton Keynes Arena played host to an enthralling contest between the Milton Keynes Lightning and the Peterborough Phantoms on January 27, 2024. The match was a showcase of skill and strategy, ending with the Milton Keynes Lightning securing a decisive 8-3 victory over the visiting Phantoms.

First Period

The game commenced with an electrifying pace, as Milton Keynes Lightning marked their presence with an even-strength goal just 45 seconds in. However, the Phantoms quickly responded with a powerplay goal by Ales Padelek, assisted by Ivan Björkly Nordström and Duncan Speirs at 07:19. Momentum swung in favor of the visitors as they netted two more goals, with Bradley Bowering and Thomas Norton scoring on powerplay and even strength, respectively. Milton Keynes Lightning narrowed the gap with Dillon Lawrence finding the net, assisted by Rory Herrman and Ben Brown, towards the end of the period. The first period concluded with the Phantoms leading 3-2.

Second Period

The Lightning came out with renewed vigor in the second period. Rory Herrman, assisted by Ross Venus, leveled the score early on. Herrman continued his impressive performance with another goal, this time on a powerplay, assisted by Venus and Tim Wallace. The Lightning maintained their pressure, with Mack Stewart and Tim Wallace scoring additional goals, pushing the score to 6-3 in favor of Milton Keynes by the end of the period.

Third Period

The final period saw the Lightning consolidate their lead. Tim Wallace, with an assist from Corey McEwen, extended their advantage. Corey McEwen himself found the net towards the end of the game, assisted by Lewis Christie and Wallace, sealing a commanding 8-3 victory for Milton Keynes Lightning.

Penalties and Shots on Goal

The match also witnessed a fair share of penalties, reflecting the intensity of the competition. Both teams faced several minor penalties ranging from tripping, slashing, and unsportsmanlike conduct. In terms of goaltending, Jordan Hedley of Milton Keynes Lightning faced 38 shots, boasting a save percentage of 0.921. Jordan Marr of the Peterborough Phantoms encountered 35 shots with a save percentage of 0.771.

Goal Scorers Table

Team Scorer Assist 1 Assist 2 Type Time
MKL Even Strength 00:45
Visitor Ales Padelek Ivan Björkly Nordström Duncan Speirs Powerplay 07:19
Visitor Bradley Bowering Powerplay 11:11
Visitor Thomas Norton Ralfs Circenis Even Strength 11:51
MKL Dillon Lawrence Rory Herrman Ben Brown Even Strength 18:43
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Venus Even Strength 21:48
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Venus Tim Wallace Powerplay 26:45
MKL Mack Stewart Dillon Lawrence Toms Rutkis Even Strength 27:26
MKL Tim Wallace Ross Venus Dillon Lawrence Powerplay 39:59
MKL Tim Wallace Corey McEwen Even Strength 40:35
MKL Corey McEwen Lewis Christie Tim Wallace Even Strength 59:17

Penalties Table

Team Player Penalty Mins Time
MKL Archie Salisbury TRIP 2 7:02
MKL James Griffin SLASH 2 8:39
Visitor Ralfs Circenis X CHK 2 8:39
MKL Ross Venus HOOK 2 9:14
Visitor TOO MANY 2 26:27
MKL Lewis Christie HOLD 2 28:18
MKL Archie Salisbury UNSPORT 2 31:25
Visitor Ivan Björkly Nordström DELAY 2 39:38
MKL Cameron Hamill KNEE 2 46:28
Visitor Bradley Bowering CLIP 2 46:41
MKL Ben Brown ELBOW 2 50:44

Shots on Goal Information

Goaltender Name Total Shots Faced Save Percentage
Jordan Hedley (MKL) 38 0.921
Jordan Marr (Visitor) 35 0.771

Player Summary

Milton Keynes Lightning

  • Rory Herrman: 2 Goals, 1 Assist
  • Dillon Lawrence: 1 Goal, 2 Assists
  • Tim Wallace: 2 Goals, 2 Assists
  • Corey McEwen: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Mack Stewart: 1 Goal
  • Ross Venus: 3 Assists
  • Ben Brown: 1 Assist
  • Lewis Christie: 1 Assist
  • Toms Rutkis: 1 Assist

Peterborough Phantoms

  • Ales Padelek: 1 Goal
  • Bradley Bowering: 1 Goal
  • Thomas Norton: 1 Goal
  • Ivan Björkly Nordström: 1 Assist
  • Duncan Speirs: 1 Assist
  • Ralfs Circenis: 1 Assist

This match was a testament to the skill and determination of both teams, with the Milton Keynes Lightning ultimately emerging as the victors in a dynamic and hard-fought contest.