At the Milton Keynes Arena on November 18, 2023, an electrifying game unfolded between the Milton Keynes Lightning and the visiting Peterborough Phantoms.

First Period

The game commenced with a strong start from Milton Keynes Lightning, dominating the first period. Rory Herrman and Harry Gulliver each netted a goal for the Lightning, with assists from Edward Knaggs, Ross Venus, Tim Wallace, and Ross Green. The period concluded with Lightning leading 2-0.

Second Period

The second period saw a continuation of Lightning’s offensive prowess. Herrman scored twice more, once on a powerplay, with assists from Ben Solder and Venus. Corey McEwen added a short-handed goal. The Phantoms managed to respond with a penalty shot goal by Luke Ferrara. The period ended with the Lightning extending their lead to 5-1.

Third Period

The final period witnessed an increased effort from the Phantoms. Ales Padelek and Ivan Björkly Nordström scored, with assists from Ferrara and Austin Mitchell-King. However, Lightning responded with goals from Toms Rutkis and Dillon Lawrence, assisted by Mack Stewart, Corey McEwen, Ross Green, and Edward Knaggs. Thomas Norton scored for the Phantoms, but it wasn’t enough. The game ended with Milton Keynes Lightning triumphing 7-4.

Goal Scorers

Team Scorer Assist 1 Assist 2 Type Time
MKL Rory Herrman Edward Knaggs Ross Venus Even Strength 8:56
MKL Harry Gulliver Tim Wallace Ross Green Even Strength 11:05
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Venus Tim Wallace Powerplay 23:20
MKL Rory Herrman Ben Solder Ross Venus Even Strength 27:50
MKL Corey McEwen Short Handed 30:22
Visitor Luke Ferrara Penalty Shot 38:08
Visitor Ales Padelek Luke Ferrara Powerplay 45:00
MKL Toms Rutkis Mack Stewart Corey McEwen Even Strength 41:47
Visitor Ivan Björkly Nordström Duncan Speirs Austin Mitchell-King Even Strength 51:13
MKL Dillon Lawrence Ross Green Edward Knaggs Even Strength 52:12
Visitor Thomas Norton Austin Mitchell-King Even Strength 58:02


Team Player Penalty Mins Time
MKL Ross Green fight 5 2:24
Visitor Jasper Foster fight 5 2:24
Visitor Thomas Norton hook 2 3:00
MKL Archie Salisbury rough 2 14:20
Visitor Martins Susters rough 2 14:20
MKL Carter Hamill fight 5 22:32
Visitor William Weldon fight & rough 22:32
MKL Ben Solder hook 2 27:38
MKL too many men 2 28:40
Visitor Thomas Norton rough 2 33:46
Visitor Joseph Gretton rough 2 37:08
MKL Rory Herrman hooking 0 38:08
MKL Ross Green clipping 2 42:03
MKL Corey McEwen high sticks 44:35

Shots on Goal

Goaltender Name Shots Faced Save Percentage
Jordan Hedley 34 88.24%
Jordan Marr 32 78.12%

Player Summary

Milton Keynes Lightning

Player Total Goals Total Assists Total Penalty Minutes
Rory Herrman 3 0 0
Harry Gulliver 1 0 0
Corey McEwen 1 1
Toms Rutkis 1 0 0
Dillon Lawrence 1 0 0
Edward Knaggs 0 2 0
Ross Venus 0 3 0
Tim Wallace 0 2 0
Ben Solder 0 1 2
Ross Green 0 2 7
Mack Stewart 0 1 0

Peterborough Phantoms

Player Total Goals Total Assists Total Penalty Minutes
Luke Ferrara 1 1 0
Ales Padelek 1 0 0
Ivan Björkly Nordström 1 0 0
Thomas Norton 1 1 4
Austin Mitchell-King 0 2 0
Duncan Speirs 0 1 0
Jasper Foster 0 0 5
Martins Susters 0 0 2
William Weldon 0 0
Joseph Gretton 0 0 2

This report highlights the dynamic and intense nature of the game, showcasing the skill and strategy of both teams. The Milton Keynes Lightning displayed a formidable offense, while the Peterborough Phantoms made commendable efforts to keep up, resulting in a memorable match.