In a thrilling encounter at Milton Keynes Arena on November 4, 2023, the Milton Keynes Lightning emerged victorious over the visiting Bees, with a final scoreline of 7-4. The match was a showcase of offensive prowess, with both teams combining for a total of 70 shots on goal.

First Period: The game kicked off with a rapid exchange of goals. The Bees struck first with Dan Rose finding the net, followed by a shorthanded goal from Marcel Balaz. However, the Lightning quickly responded with three consecutive goals from Mack Stewart, Tim Wallace on a powerplay, and Carter Hamill to end the first period ahead 3-2.

Second Period: Milton Keynes Lightning extended their lead with Rory Herrman and Dillon Lawrence adding to the tally. Despite Balaz scoring his second for the Bees, Corey McEwen’s goal for the Lightning saw the second period conclude at 6-3.

Third Period: The final period saw the Bees attempting a comeback with Dominik Gabaj scoring on a powerplay. Yet, it was Harry Gulliver’s goal for the Lightning that sealed the victory, ending the game at 7-4.

Penalties were frequent, impacting the game’s flow, with both teams taking minor and major infractions, including a fight that saw both Liam Morris of the Bees and James Griffin of the Lightning serving time in the penalty box.

William Kerlin in goal for Milton Keynes Lightning faced 35 shots and held a save percentage of 0.885, while Brython Preece for the Bees faced an equal number of shots but with a lower save percentage of 0.800.

Goal Scorers:

Team Scorer Assist 1 Assist 2 Type Time
Bees Dan Rose Vanya Antonov Even Strength 7:37
Bees Marcel Balaz Dominik Gabaj Stuart Mogg Short Handed 8:44
MKL Mack Stewart Toms Rutkis Even Strength 10:49
MKL Tim Wallace Ross Venus Harry Gulliver Powerplay 13:32
MKL Carter Hamill Callum Field Ross Green Even Strength 18:41
MKL Rory Herrman Ross Venus Ben Solder Even Strength 22:12
Bees Marcel Balaz Dominik Gabaj Even Strength 30:16
MKL Dillon Lawrence Rory Herrman Even Strength 37:06
MKL Corey McEwen Even Strength 39:50
Bees Dominik Gabaj Joshua Smith Aidan Doughty Powerplay 47:52
MKL Harry Gulliver Milique Martelly Even Strength 52:42


Team Player Penalty Mins Time
Bees Edgars Landsbergs Delay of Game 2 8:20
Bees Marcel Balaz Hook 2 13:04
MKL James Griffin Hook 2 24:57
MKL Mack Stewart Trip 2 26:29
Bees Stuart Mogg Trip 2 42:45
Bees Liam Morris Fight 5 44:49
MKL James Griffin Fight 5 44:49

Goaltender Summary:

Goaltender Name Total Shots Faced Save Percentage
William Kerlin 35 88.57%
Brython Preece 35 80.00%

Player Summary:

Milton Keynes Lightning:

  • Rory Herrman: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Tim Wallace: 1 Goal
  • Mack Stewart: 1 Goal
  • Carter Hamill: 1 Goal
  • Dillon Lawrence: 1 Goal
  • Corey McEwen: 1 Goal
  • Harry Gulliver: 1 Goal, 1 Assist
  • Toms Rutkis: 1 Assist
  • Callum Field: 1 Assist
  • Ross Venus: 2 Assists
  • Ben Solder: 1 Assist
  • Milique Martelly: 1 Assist
  • James Griffin: 7 Penalty Minutes


  • Dan Rose: 1 Goal
  • Marcel Balaz: 2 Goals
  • Dominik Gabaj: 1 Goal, 2 Assists
  • Vanya Antonov: 1 Assist
  • Stuart Mogg: 1 Assist
  • Joshua Smith: 1 Assist
  • Aidan Doughty: 1 Assist
  • Edgars Landsbergs: 2 Penalty Minutes
  • Stuart Mogg: 2 Penalty Minutes
  • Liam Morris: 5 Penalty Minutes