Milton Keynes Lightning Season Tickets will all be digital on your phone.

We are offering you the choice to purchase a physical card (similar to the last few years), that you can wear on a lanyard to gain access to the rink.

These will be £5 each, and you can purchase them below.

You must buy before the 30th June 24


Physical Cards – FAQs

Why are MKL charging for cards this year?

We are trying to be environmentally friendly, the best way to do this is to have a Digital Season ticket, with a QR code that is scanned on entry.  Everyone will be able to access this rink this way.  By only charging for people that want the cards, we could keep the Season Ticket price lower for the people that wanted to be digital.

If I’ve bought a family ticket how many cards do I need to buy?

Physical cards are 1 per seat.  If you have bought a family ticket of 4 people, you will need to purchase 4 cards if you all want one to gain access.

Why do we only have until the end of June to buy?

All Season Ticket physical cards will will be printed in one batch, so we need to collate orders to send to print in one go.

The end of June (30th June 24) ensures that the printing of Physical Season Tickets can be organised and arranged prior to the start of the season.

Will we get a Lanyard?

Yes, you will get a lanyard like previous years.  We will be asking you re-use your black plastic holder like last year if you have one.  If you do not have one, this will be included in the £5 paid.

When can we collect the Season Tickets?

It’s the off season currently (although lots is going on in the background) so we aren’t at the rink very much.  We will send dates out to you in advance, but this  is likely to be towards the end of August onwards.    You will be able to gain access to the rink with your digital card when these are sent out (and collect before a game).

Will we be able to purchase a card later on?

No, as they are being printed in one batch, you need to buy them now to ensure you get one.

When will we get the Digital Season Tickets?

The process with Planet Ice is as follows:

The fixtures get loaded onto the system – these are not due for a few weeks yet (Usually late July).

We will email you to let you know that we are starting to upload Season Tickets.  When they are uploaded, Planet Ice sends an email to the booker/ attendee.

This will prompt the booker/ Attendee to set up the Digital Season Ticket.