We thought we’d get in touch to give you a bit of an update as to how things are progressing inside your Smith Recycling MKL.  There have been a few statements and updates issued from other sources over the last couple of days and we thought we’d do the same.

Things we know 😁

There is a great deal of positive action around the club right now.  There’s been a strong take-up of Season tickets, including around 70 brand new ticket holders who have secured their seat or standing position at the best possible price.  The Direct Debit scheme has been very popular and will continue to be offered until the end of July (though remember the number of payments you can spread your ticket over decreases the later you sign up).  It’s worth mentioning that all of the Season Ticket receipts are being held in a separate bank account and as we said in the FAQs at the time of launch, if the Season is cancelled or shortened, we will refund you.  So buying a Season Ticket is a no-risk way to commit to the club.  If a Season Ticket isn’t quite right for you, why not consider joining the Supporters Club.  Standard Membership is £10 per season.  Gold Members receive player signing news 24 hours in advance for just £10 per month.  Membership also gives you other benefits such as discounted merchandise so drop the Supporters’ Club a line if you’re interested.

We also have fantastic support and interest from our sponsors.  We have already announced 123 Internet Group as a Platinum sponsor and our Official Digital Partner, and we will be sharing with you news about our other Platinum partners over the next few weeks.  We’re very grateful for their support.  There has also been substantial activity in player sponsorship and rinkside boards, so if you’re interested in your brand appearing alongside our players or around the ice, get in touch fast!

We’re also preparing well for the new season on the ice.  We have lots of players signed already and will be introducing them to you over the coming weeks.  We’re planning as if the season starts around its usual time so that we can make sure we are ready.  The only things we are tweaking slightly is the timing of expenditure around equipment, housing and travel which we will firm up when we have a start date in place.

All in all, we believe that the best approach is to plan properly, be ready to adapt and to properly consider the risks to our business and how we protect against them.  This has been our major focus as a Board over the last few weeks.

Things we don’t yet know 🤔

There is of course still uncertainty out there.  Lockdown is starting to ease, but the clarity on what this means for sporting events like ours is not yet there.  We are working as part of the League owners group to try to understand what might happen, and are engaging with the EIHA around how next season will be run.  Planet Ice’s recent statement suggested that hockey wouldn’t be returning until the New Year.  We will always follow government advice and protect the safety of our players, staff, volunteers and fans.  To achieve this, we’ll be looking to develop more detailed plans with Planet Ice as their business starts to reopen and part of this will be how we can support Planet Ice’s plans for ice hockey to return.  We’ll work with them as best we can to develop workable procedures to whatever the government guidelines turn out to be.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop.

Thank you!

As ever, it’s our fans, our community and our Supporters’ Club which makes the club.  Please continue your passion and support and anticipation for the hockey season to restart, and keep active in your conversation and discussion about what’s going on.  We hope you enjoy the player signings, news and info as it comes out, as well as the new Super-Raffles which the Supporters’ Club will be running over the summer with some great, money-can’t-buy prizes on offer.

Please stay safe and follow government guidelines.  And remember, if you ever need us, drop us a line at info@mk-lightning.co.uk and we’ll get back to you.

All the best,

Claire, Tom, Matt, Jon and Anna

The MKL Board