We are organising a Watch Party with the Holiday Inn Milton Keynes Central for a game from last season in full on the 22nd June 24.  This is a great chance to catch up with your hockey friends during the summer too!
The hotel is lucky enough to have a outdoor terrace area with an indoor section that has a huge 98 inch TV (it’s been upgraded since the photo was taken!), which is perfect for streaming games  (we are asking them to put more chairs in for us).
They have a bar, and restaurant too, where you can purchase great food and drinks (They have Guinness on tap I’m assured) and take these up to the terrace to enjoy during the game.
As a trial, as we really don’t know how popular they may be (or not), we are ticketing the event to make sure we don’t go over the maximum number of 50 people, and to ensure the Holiday Inn have the right amount of staff there to serve you.
The price will be £2 each, this is just so we can see what the uptake is, to see whether this is worth doing for Live streams next season (providing we can get the Stream Licences for a large number of people from other clubs).
We’ve asked Mike “Pimmy” Walls for his selection of favourite games from last season that he commentated on or watched.  (He did pick the Cup Final and the Semi Final too!)
The choices for the game to be shown in full on the 22nd June 7pm are:
28th December v Peterborough
3rd Feb v Solway
16th March v Leeds
If you’ve got any comments, please drop us an email info@mk-lightning.co.uk as this being the first one, we’d love to know what you think.