Milton Keynes Lightning are excited to announce the re-signing of forward Corey McEwen for the next 2 years. McEwen, known for his experience and excellent team play, will be bringing his talents back to the MK Lightning for the next two seasons.

Corey McEwen, originally from Cardiff, GBR, he signed for Lightning last season where he played 47 games, scoring 8 goals and contributing 14 assists. 

Expressing his excitement about the re-signing, Corey McEwen said, “I’m really happy to be back with the Lightning for the next two seasons! We had a great year and a great team, I can’t wait to build on that and win more silverware! See you in September Lightning fans!”

MK Lightning Head Coach Tim Wallace shared his enthusiasm for McEwen’s return: “Corey is the type of player that you may not notice, but he is always doing the right thing. The majority of last season he played against other teams’ top lines and was able to shut them down most nights. I still think he has more to bring offensively and hopefully that will flourish next year. He has a great shot; he just needs to let it rip.”

McEwen’s return is eagerly anticipated by fans and teammates alike. His ability to perform under pressure and contribute to both defence and offence makes him an invaluable asset to the Lightning. His extensive experience and leadership qualities will be crucial as the team aims for more success in the upcoming seasons.

McEwen has had a distinguished career,mainly Phantoms and teams in Canada before joining the Milton Keynes Lightning. His consistent performance and ability to adapt to different playing styles have made him a versatile player. Last season, his contribution was instrumental in the team’s success, and his re-signing promises to bring more exciting moments on the ice.

The Milton Keynes Lightning are thrilled to welcome Corey McEwen back and look forward to a successful season with him on the team. 

Corey will wear the number 17  jersey, which is available now.

Please email to Own and Loan stating what jersey you would like – Light, Dark, Warm-up or any!

There is another way you can support Corey and the Club.  You can become a player sponsor with your name or company name read out every time he is mentioned.  Get the details here.

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Corey McEwen MKL 24/25