Greek King of Lightning (Thunder, Gods and Mortals too)

Greek King of Lightning (Thunder, Gods and Mortals too)

You may be wondering about the gentleman in the new MK Lightning logo.

May we introduce you to Zeus, a Greek god and the “Father of Gods and men” – a sky god who controlled lightning and thunder.

Zeus was king of Mount Olympus, the home of Greek gods, ruling other gods as well as us mere mortals.

In his role as king of the gods, Zeus was respected by all. Mortal kings would often boast that they were descendants of him.

Zeus was also referred to as the “Lord of Justice”.

Hesiod’s poem “Works and Days” (written around 700BC) described Zeus as a god who loved to laugh out loud. He was regarded as a wise god – fair, merciful, and prudent. He could also be unpredictable.

If angered, he could be destructive, hurling lightning or thunderbolts to earth and creating huge storms.

His appearance is normally described as strong and imposing with long hair and he is often depicted with a beard and his trusty thunderbolt.

Interview with the man behind MK Lightning’s new brand – none other than MKL #15 James Griffin – Creative Designer at 123 Internet Group:

This is how we announced the new logo

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