Welcome back to Sam Russell whose return to UK hockey last year following a stint in North America the year before was spectacular, with him picking up international honours with GB Under 20s at the World Championships, establishing himself as a regular fixture in the MKL defence corps as well as a few shifts up front from time to time.  That’s why we are delighted to see Sammy put pen to paper for 2020/21.

This time last year, we were writing that this was to be a breakthrough year for Sam and he really stepped up and adjusted well in his first year of senior Ice Hockey.  Cliff picks up the story: “I’m really happy to have Sammy back in the team. Last season I was excited to see him in his first season as a senior after coaching him as a very young man before he went overseas and he really didn’t disappoint.”

Sam had this to say about his return: “To say I’m excited to get back in the MK arena in front of our fans is an understatement! The season just gone was cut short when our momentum was really building, ready for playoffs. The energy was growing inside that locker room and I have no doubt as a club we’ll be setting our goals high the second puck drops at game 1.”

Playing alongside experienced defencemen such as last year’s defenceman of the year Leigh Jamieson is something Sam believes will really help take his game to the next level, and he’s hungry for success: “Being part of that locker room once again will give me the chance to watch and learn from the older, more skilled players, and I can’t wait to take full advantage of the opportunity Cliff and the coaching staff have given me playing for my hometown. Let’s bring home some silverware!.”

Cliff finished by saying: “Sammy has a huge desire to be the best he can be, he is a sponge who soaks up information, and that coachability combined with his natural athleticism and work rate means he is an absolute asset to the team.”

Sam Russell will wear the number 39 jersey which is now available for Own and Loan.

Please give a warm welcome back to Sam Russell

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Payment in full due by 1st October 2020

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