Speedy Canadian-born forward Cale Tanaka adds to MKL offensive threat

MILTON KEYNES, 20 July 2019: In a strong addition to the Smith Recycling Milton Keynes Lightning roster, experienced forward Cale Tanaka has made the move south to MK after a season with Solway Sharks where he was second top scorer with 56 points in 34 games.

Prior to that, Cale spent 6 seasons in the EIHL with four teams scoring 57 goals and 155 points.

33 year old Cale was born in Stouffville, Canada and his mother is Scottish. He holds a UK passport and has played here for more than two seasons so he is classified as an UK player for our team. This is a huge advantage for us as Cliff explains: “With the change in classification of what classes as a British player or an import, I started investigating who was still available who fitted the new rules as I hadn’t completed my roster yet, as soon as Cale’s name came up I knew he was a guy who could help us in the upcoming season and make our team better.”

Cliff went on to explain that Cale has already worked with some of this year’s MKL team: “Cale has been a teammate of both Russ Cowley and James Griffin in the past and both of them told me nothing but positives about him. This backed up what I already knew of him and what I had seen in the past when I had watched him play.”

Cale is eagerly anticipating joining MKL too, saying: “Cliff and I had a number of discussions and I’m excited about what he is building and his vision and direction for the team. I’m really looking forward to get started on the season.”

He went on to say: “It’s going to be great playing with old teammates again and look forward to a new challenge. I want to win, compete, battle and I think this season is going to be a great opportunity to do all three of those things.”

Describing Cale as a player, Cliff commented: “He possesses a lot of speed, he is a skilled player and he works and battles extremely hard on a nightly basis. He is a great guy who wants nothing but the best for the team and you can never have too many players like that on your side.”

And when asked about what he would bring to the team, Cliff reiterated the strength of this signing: “Cale will compliment either of our top 2 lines and will add offensive punch and a whole lot of excitement.”

Cale endorsed this by saying: “I have always played the same way and take pride in winning every battle and playing with speed and tenacity. I look forward to playing in front of the MK fans to hopefully bring some hardware back with us at seasons end!”

Cliff finished by saying “Cale has already formed a mini ‘Team Scotland’ on WhatsApp with Caly, G and Harry so he’s fitting in already. I have no doubt he will become a fans favourite in no time!”

Cale Tanaka will wear the number 13 jersey. It is now available for Own and Loan.

Please give a warm welcome to Cale Tanaka