On the 7th May, we finally had an End of Season Awards party.  It’s been a long time coming, and was a great night.

Huge thanks to the MKL Supporters Club for organising everything.

Here’s a list of who won the awards in the 21/22 Season.

Photo credits to Tony Sargent.

Most Improved Player 21/22 – Callum Field

Coaches Player of 21/22 – Ben Russell

Top Scorer 21/22 – Bobby Chamberlain

Best Defenceman 21/22 – Lewis Christie

Most Valuable Player 21/22 – Liam Stewart

Players Player of the year 21/22 – Hallden Barnes-Garner


Supporters Club Player of the year 21/22 – Bobby Chamberlain

Club Person of the year 21/22 – Rebecca Bunyan