In the encyclopedia of hockey players, Hallden Barnes-Garner is right at the centre of the team player section.  He brings heart, grit, determination and team unity in the locker room, a role which he fills with massive maturity despite still only being 23 years old.  Please welcome back Halden Barnes-Garner to MK Lightning  

MK local Halds grew up in the MK Storm junior system, then spent some time in Slough and Eastern Europe.  He then returned to MK to play for Thunder, before stepping up into Lightning for the 2019/20 season.  And although he is not particularly high up the scoring charts, he scored a tremendous 1 on 3 goal in the Streaming Series at Swindon which was a real team high.

Halds took the opportunity during the covid lockdown to focus on his fitness and strength.  Regular personal training sessions saw a real change, as MK Lightning Head Coach Lewis Clifford explains: “ Halds has worked extremely hard over the past 18 months to improve his game.  The lack of ice time hasn’t held him back from working on his conditioning, and we are already seeing the benefits of that when he has been on the ice with Thunder during their cup series, and during our summer sessions.”

And Cliff went on to remark on Hallden’s team role: “Halds is a guy who wants to do more for the team, and we want him to do more.  He will be given every opportunity this season to show what he’s all about and I believe this could be a breakout year for him.  He’s one of the most popular guys on the team amongst his peers and a player that brings people together both on and off the ice.”

Halden told us how excited he is: “I’m buzzing to be back with MK and can’t wait to get going and be back in front of our amazing fans. It’s been a long time off and I have worked on myself a lot and can’t wait to give more to the team this time round. The team is looking good and I can’t wait to try and bring some silverware for the MK fans!”

Cliff finished by saying: “I am really looking forward to seeing what Halds brings this season.”

Please welcome back – Hallden Barnes-Garner.  He will wear the number 14 shirt.  Hallden’s Own and Loan will roll over for the person who grabbed it for the 2020/21 season – Dave Bunyan will be in touch shortly!

We have two other ways you can support Hallden and the club too!  You can become Hallden’s sponsor with your name or company name read out every time Hallden is mentioned.  Get the details here.

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