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  • This seasons (2021/22) places are held until 17th May at 11:59pm
  • Early Bird runs until 31st May at 11:59pm
  • For Direct Debits purchase by the following dates:
    • April 30th to pay using deposit and 6 instalments
    • May 31st to pay using deposit plus 5 instalments
    • June 30th to pay using deposit plus 4 instalments
    • July 31st to pay using deposit plus 3 instalments

To help in choosing your seat or standing location, please take a look at the rink plan. Please remember that for operational reasons, we may need to offer you alternative seating or standing location but we will contact you to discuss this should the need arise.  

Season tickets will cover 28 games (make up to be decided games).   Separate ticket offers for other games, such as pre-season and cup semi finals will be released in due course, with discounts for season ticket holders.

MK Storm Juniors are once again entitled to discounted entry.  Please email us at for a discount code prior to purchasing your tickets.

To buy your tickets please head over to our online booking system

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Ticket TypeOn the night priceEarly Bird
(buy before 31st May)
Early Bird Equivalent Free GamesStandard
(buy after 31st May)
Standard Equivalent Free GamesDirect Debit Total Price
(Early Bird buy before 31st May)
Direct Debit Total Price
(buy after 31st May)
Direct Debit Monthly Cost after initial payment
(spread over 3, 4, 5 or 6 payments)
Adult£16£350 (£12.5 per game)6.1£380 (£13.57 per game)4.3£360£390£51
Child£8£150 (£5.36 per game)9.3£160 (£5.71 per game)8.0£160£170£23
Concession£13£250 (£8.93 per game)8.8£270 (£9.64 per game)7.2£260£280£37
Family (2 adults, 1 child)£36£780 (£27.86 per game)6.3£850 (£30.36 per game)4.4£790£860£113
Family (1 adult, 2 children)£28£580 (£20.71 per game)7.3£640 (£22.86 per game)5.1£590£650£84
Family (2 adults, 2 children)£43£890 (£31.79 per game)7.3£970 (£34.64 per game)5.4£900£980£129


Aged 19 to 59 as of 1 September 2022 or on day of purchase if bought after 1st September


3-15 years as of 1 September 2022 or on day of purchase if bought after 1st September


  • Young Adult – Aged 16-18 as of 1 September 2022 or on day of purchase if bought after 1st September
  • Senior Citizen – Aged 60 or over as of 1 September 2022 or on day of purchase if bought after 1st September
  • Registered Disabled – A proof of disability is required
  • Students – TOTUM is required


Three categories are offered. All children must meet criteria above.

You can pay for your ticket using monthly instalments if you buy your ticket before 31st July.  The monthly payments stay the same and run until October.  You will need to pay an initial payment (which depends on when you buy your ticket) and monthly payments as follows (turn phone sideways to view):

Ticket TypeMonthly PaymentInitial payment if ticket bought by April 30th,
then 6 monthly
Initial payment if ticket bought by May 31st,
then 5 monthly payments
Initial payment if ticket bought by June 30th,
then 4 monthly payments
Initial payment if ticket bought by July 31st,
then 3 monthly payments
Total Amount Due (If Bought Before 31st May)Total Amount Due (If Bought After 31st May)
Family (2 adults, 1 child)£112.86£112.86£225.71£408.57£521.43£790£860
Family (1 adult, 2 children)£84.29£84.29£168.57£312.86£397.14£590£650
Family (2 adults, 2 children)£128.57£128.57£257.14£465.71£594.29£900£980

To sign up for the Direct Debit scheme, please follow this link to the online booking system, choose a Direct Debit ticket and then complete your details.  You’ll need to make the initial payment immediately, and then you’ll be sent details on how to signup to the Direct Debit scheme in your confirmation email.

With all tickets we will aim to have these confirmed at the earliest opportunity, usually within a week.

However there may be occasions when this takes longer, examples of this are there you are wanting to move seats and the ST holders from the previous years have not yet been released.

Please be advised there will be a delay processing all Season Ticket Requests the week of the 27th May- 5th June due to Staff absences

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