Russell Cowley Player Bio

Date of Birth:12/8/1983Position:C/D
Age:38Height:180 cm / 5'11"
Place of Birth:Edmonton, AB, CANWeight:78 kg / 172 lbs
Youth Team:SwindonPrevious Team:Milton Keynes Lightning
Own and Loan LightJO & HEATHER SCOTTOwn and Loan WarmupDAN GREGORY
Own and Loan DarkSEAN BURKESponsor#N/A
“As I’ve said before, I have been aware of Russ for some time, I’ve watched him play in the Elite League for a number of years and then saw how he applied his experience to NIHL hockey at Basingstoke last season.
As a player, I know what he will bring to the team and from our discussions it is pretty clear just how much he will offer us both on and off the ice.”

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