Acute Ambulance and Medical Services Ltd was established in 2006, and has grown to become the largest independent ambulance service in Buckinghamshire supporting the NHS Ambulance Trust in Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire. AAMS are also a leading supplier of ambulance services across the UK.

AAMS is accredited to the National Association of Private Ambulance Services, a self-regulatory body ensuring the standards and conduct of its members. We reinforce these standards with our own company policies and procedures, ensuring the highest quality of service you would expect.

AAMS is also a founder member of the Independent Ambulance Association.

AAMS specialises in the transportation of renal patients. We have extensive experience in managing these patients on a regular basis and understand the importance and impact transport can have on the lives of the patient and the Renal Units whose care the patients are under.

We also excel in Transfer of Care and have an excellent reputation providing hospital transfer and discharge lounges with a sensitive and “Patient First” approach to ensure not just a trouble-free transfer, but the “settling in” of patients upon reaching their transfer destination.

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